Enjoy peace and calm at home as you
create deep, meaningful relationships
with your children. 

With 1:1 coaching sessions, you will work on developing the tools
to parent confidently forever!

We’ve all been there…

We’ve shouted in ways that we aren’t proud of, realizing that instead of drawing our child closer to us, we’ve distanced them. We’ve tantrumed right alongside them, because we didn’t have the energy or skills to respond properly. We dream of a life where we have the confidence and skills to communicate respectfully with our family and create an atmosphere where everyone feels safe and loved. We know we need to do something to change the direction our family is going… and we ask ourselves…

Where can I go for some direction?

Do any of these children remind you of someone in your home?


Your child left to school feeling unhappy, after yet another chaotic morning.


Your child’s recent behaviors are concerning, and you are finding it difficult to understand what they truly need.


Your child constantly hurts his sibling or ruins their projects and you’re struggling with how to address the issue without escalating tensions.


Your child criticizes your attempts at helping them with their challenges, leaving you puzzled about how to provide support without causing frustration.


Your pre-teen avoids doing their family chores and gets upset when asked, leaving you unsure about how to make responsibilities more manageable.


You’ve devoted many hours to your child’s specific desires, but instead of appreciation, they display a sense of entitlement.


Your teen complains that you are never emotionally available for her, and you aren’t quite sure how to make things better.

Schedule a time to sit down and chat. Together we will try to understand what is going on
beneath the behaviors you are seeing in your home. You and your child are both good inside.

Let’s talk and come up with practical ways to help you parent confidently with the tools you already have deep within you!

Together, we'll build practical strategies to make your dreams
of a positive and fulfilling parenthood a reality.

Parent with confidence and gain skills such as:

Develop clarity and confidence to show up as the parent you aspire to be.

Strengthen relationships, recognizing that your bond is your ultimate tool.

Understand and prepare for your child's big emotions and meltdowns.

Teach your child to express emotions in healthy and positive ways.

Respond to challenging behaviors with compassion and respect.

Recognize and release your own childhood triggers.

Find your calm and maintain composure as a parent.

Parent in a way that aligns with your personal and religious values.

Cultivate the belief that both you and your child are inherently good.

Change is possible with just a few
simple steps:

Book your complimentary
15-minute call

Schedule a 60-minute session at a time that fits into your busy schedule

Each session is tailored to your personal needs & goals. Gain Leave each session with practical, actionable steps for improving your parenting & enhancing skills for consciously engaging in your relationships.

Single 50-minute coaching session

I’m all about getting you results. If you aren’t fully satisfied with a single session, I offer a money-back guarantee.

4 x 50-minute coaching session

The Empowermom Package: A one month journey to serenity for moms. Become more confident in your parenting and enjoy calm and peaceful communication with your children in just 4 sessions!

Walk away with actionable strategies and practical tools

Meet Hinda Sosover

Certified ICT Life Coach

I’m Hinda, a certified ICT Life Coach specializing in Parent Coaching, and mom of 8. I know what it ‘s like to feel riddled with doubts as a parent – to feel inadequate, depleted, stretched too thin and the list goes on. I’ve been there. I now know how to turn it around, and I’m here to help you gain the tools and confidence you need to foster stronger relationships with your child.

Imagine that you are that warm smiling parent as you wake your children for school each morning

You are emotionally available for them as the day goes by. You are able to see things from their perspective as they deal with life’s normal ups and downs as you confidently empathize, validate and work together with them to solve their childhood concerns.You are secure in the knowledge that, tomorrow will be another great day because you have the clarity and skills to navigate whatever may come your way. When you settle down for the night, you are satisfied with the warm family environment in which your children are being raised and know that you are doing a great job as their sturdy leader.

You could continue arguing with your children, fighting through tantrums and losing patience

You feel like you’re drowning in a frustrating cycle that repeats itself again and again. Within just a few sessions you can turn that around and effectively communicate with calm and understanding.