Smicha Program

The Smicha track is geared for Bochurim who are looking to fulfill the Rebbe’s Horaah to get smicha. The track runs from after Tishrey till the summer. We begin with learning Hlchos Bossor B’Cholov until Yud Shevat. This is followed by Hilchos Taaruvos until Lag Baomer, and concluding with Hilchos Melicha, finishing that before Gimmel Tammuz. The tests are given by Rabbi Zalman Yeruslavski, Rov of the Chabad Community in Elad.

The Shiurim are given daily by Rabbi Avtzon, with a dedicated Shoel Umeshiv that is available to the Bochurim during the Seder, Rabbi Zalman Simonowitz, who is very well versed in these Halachos and received his Smicha from Heichal Shlomo.

Shiurim are also given on practical Halacha, contemporary Halachic issues, and the program offers round the table discussions on Halachic matters. In addition, Shiurim in Gemoro and Chassidus are available to the Bochurim daily.

Yeshiva Program

The Yeshiva program is geared for the type of bochur that may or may not have had much success in the conventional yeshiva environment and needs a place that will cater specifically to him. As such, the RAP offers a full program of Niglah and Chasidus, accompanied by daily Shiurim given by Rabbi Avtzon and others.

The program also offers farbrengens, daily Chitas shiurim, and other extracurricular and contemporary Halacha discussions. A group of dedicated Shluchim geared solely for the Yeshiva Track will enhance the atmosphere through one on one learning, connection, and guidance. The Shluchim also arrange Mivtzah’s and other programs to motivate the Bochurim to grow to their full potential in Yiddishkeit and connection to the Rebbe.


The location of the Yeshiva, just minutes away from the Shuk and other famous landmarks in Yerushalayim, offers a unique opportunity to do Mivtzoim with a wide range of locals and tourists. Alumni of our Yeshiva are still in touch with some of the people they have met during their year in Yerushalayim. During Chanukah and Purim, the Bochurim visit army bases around Eretz Yisroel to bring light and happiness to the soldiers.

Touring and activities

The Yeshiva goes on periodical trips throughout Eretz Yisroel, soaking the atmosphere, history, and holiness that permeates the land. From hiking the Masada, to visiting Kivrei Tzadikim in the north and around Yerushlayim, and other activities that are offered throughout the country.


Shabbos in our Yeshiva gives the Bochurim the opportunity to experience Shabbos in Yerushalayim, with farbrengens and meals at the Yeshiva. From Friday nights by the Kotel, one of the most inspiring moments of any visitor to Yerushalyim, to the world famous Great Synagogue with its Chazzan and choir, The Tzemach Tzedek Shul in the Old City and its farbrengens, and the various Shuls and neighboring Me’ah Shearim and Geula. These Shabbosim impact the Bochurim for a lifetime.

Extracurricular Courses

The Yeshiva offers unique courses in Safrus. Over the years we have had dozens of talmidim who have participated in these courses, led by renowned Sofer, Rabbi Beer.

The Yeshiva enables Bochurim to complete their GED and prepare themselves to take the High School Equivalency Test (HiSET), as well as participate in Online Courses. Bochurim who are taking any such courses will have a dedicated time in the afternoons to pursue these goals on their own.

*Courses may change subject to availability.

Physical Fitness

For Bochurim interested in exercise and fitness options, the Yeshiva is located minutes away from the largest park in Yerushalayim, Gan Socher, that offers running trails and various exercise equipment. If there is demand for it, the Yeshiva will arrange weekly fitness sessions with an ex-military combat veteran of the IDF.